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She's back

She's back.
Remember that revenge hit-piece an author published in Vulture? Now she's planning to write a piece about the life and death (suicide) of someone in the reading community.
The author asked people for information, but they rightfully turned her down because KR can't be trusted not to use her platform to punch down on the community's most vulnerable people.
Here are some threads:
I still have unpublished Storifys featuring KR's friendly interactions with a G*merG*ter, and the other unsavoury characters who praised her revenge hit-piece (including a screenwriter dudebro, and the comics guy who made Captain America a Nazi/Hydra). Along with MAGAs, and "western civilisation" people, and there are probably other terrible people too who praised her after I stopped collecting Tweets.
And I'm still pissed off that members of the publishing community are Liking her Tweets, thus enabling her continuing shit.

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Yeah, I'm late.


Either I posted these at a time when no one was reading, or I'm not as profound as I think I am. The latter ;-)
I'm not usually one to toot my own horn, but I am pretty proud of these two threads. Maybe because I wrote them when I was feeling calm. As opposed to my usual threads, which I write when angry, frustrated, sad, and disappointed.
And yes, the Tweets are about what you think they're about. I'm currently collecting receipts for something I like to call ProjectButHerEmails. Basically I plan to send the receipts to anyone interested, via email. Because sharing the receipts publicly would be targeting. And that's really more of a KR thing ;-)

"How the bloody hell are you, Tez?"

My laptop's battery pack has carked it. It's plugged in and beeping, beeping the little light won't go on so it won't charge. Darndiddly delightful. Laptop's over ten years old, and this is its second battery pack, but this is an expense we just don't need.

Oh, and that revenge hit-piece (which didn't target me; don't worry) on Vulture has spread to Mother Jones, and who knows where else. People are denigrated in the original piece for calling out stuff that perpetuates racism, sexism, and homophobia. (KR is a big fan of cultural appropriation and loves to use terms like "PC police" and "culture cops".)

In my time going through Twitter yesterday, KR has been thanked and called "brave" for punching down on marginalised readers. The piece has been spoken fondly of G*merG*ters, anti-SJWs, Trump supporters, and white dudebros whose have profiles defending "Western civilisation". (The last one is the kind of person who believes "diversity is a codeword for white-genocide", "Defend the West", and they object to white people producing offspring with POC. These are the kind of people I've pre-blocked - as many as I can - so if you're subscribed to my BlockTogether list, you've pre-blocked them, too.) You know N*ck Spencer, the guy who made Captain America a Nazi? Yep, he was praising the piece.

Do I have any proof to back up my claims about all these people supporting KR and her revenge hit-piece? I've saved their Tweets in a Storify draft. Of course, they could change their profile information, but their Tweets stand for themselves.

And who knows who else has jumped onboard while I was offline sleeping?

Oh, and the review mentioned in the piece? The one with plenty of excerpts from the text to back up her claims? Because KR used her full name, people have tracked down the reader's Facebook, which she's now since had to go Private because of all the extra harassment she's received since the Vulture piece was published.

People's excuses? She commented on a Kirkus article using her Facebook account once, which therefore means (not!) consent forever to use both her first and surnames together for all time. Even though her full name is not on her Twitter or blog, which she's best known for.

There's more that the revenge hit-piece's targets are going through, I'm sure. But who cares (me!), know that KR's had her revenge on the mean (not!) POC and co. who disagreed with KR's stance on cultural appropriation...

KR's doing just fine, by the way. Thanking everyone for supporting her and her piece, and faking innocence when she "doesn't understand" why people are objecting to her hit-piece.

So yeah. In short, the privileged punching down on the marginalised are commended and praised for their efforts. I don't know how you parents do it, trying to raise children in a world where people have no compassion, and are gleeful to see your "petty tyrant" put in their place.

People are awful.

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Forgot I'd subscribed to an Amazon review's thread. Received a reply alert. I reported it to Amazon as "an ad hominem attack on an Amazon customer reviewer", and when I clicked send I then saw that Amazon had deleted the comment (scroll down to the end: "Deleted by Amazon 1 hour ago").

Trying to find out what her new Big Five book was, I didn't find any under her Initial.Surname name with which she'd self-pubbed two books. However, her profile linked to her personal Facebook, where she complained about the same reviewer here and here.

Turns out that, unsurprisingly, she's a Trmp fan: here and here.

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