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[REVIEW] The Summer Prince - Alaya Dawn Johnson

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[REVIEW] Starfall - Melissa Landers

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Some people watch soap operas. Apparently, I read about drama in book communities featuring authors that I've never read, and thus have no bias for or against them.

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Names Named

http://www.slj.com/2018/01/industry-news/childrens-publishing-reckons-sexual-harassment-ranks/ READ THE COMMENTS. Names are named. Thanks to the victims and witnesses who've spoken out. I hear you. I believe you. If there's ever trash in your Mentions you'd like Reported to Twitter, contact me anytime. My Block list: http://blocktogether.org/show-blocks/9JySlOI2ADdTfxb9rAX4mc9gvupmPSmMfZ-JGy1t

[REVIEW] Infected - Sophie Littlefield

Amazon Reviewer Rankings

Decided to look up my Reviewer Rankings on the various Amazons:

Amazon Australia: #325
Amazon Canada: #31,289
Amazon UK: #55,351
Amazon USA: #236,949

There really is no benefit to posting reviews on bookseller sites. At least, not for us mere reviewers ;-)

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[REVIEW] Three Strikes - Kate Kessler