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22nd March 2017 Releases

21st March 2017 Releases

5 New Covers (Andrews, Lo, Lu, Meyer, Trout)

14th March 2017 Releases

6 New Covers (Arthur, Baggott, Heathfield, Kang, von Ziegesar, Weber)

Review: Katharine McGee's THE THOUSANDTH FLOOR


With one Tweet, D.G. has managed to condescend to both people with English majors AND people who work in the food industry. Check out the comments there.

7th March 2017 Releases

Sharing word of my latest favourite spec-fic thing at Speculative Chic

Free 60-Day Trial of Kindle Unlimited, and the Books Available

March 2017 Releases

27th February 2017 Releases

Now Available for US Pre-Order

Unrelated to the link above: I'm running out of time again for the things I wanted to do this month, so I've stopped reading Facebook, LiveJournal, Goodreads, and Booklikes. Trying to cut out Twitter, too. Should be back reading again when I've got March 2017 Releases posted, but that's a handful of days away.

21st February 2017 Releases

13th February 2017 Releases

5 New Covers (Armstrong, Ashby, Cross, Reisz, Tims)