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March 2018 Releases

Sorry, publishers and authors. I am no longer able to cross-post my reviews to Amazon. According to the new rules (pictured), I haven't made any credit card or debit card purchases on Amazon. I've only acquired books there via Amazon Associates credits or free eBooks.

You'll still be able to read my reviews on my WordPress and Goodreads.

[REVIEW] Artemis - Andy Weir

[REVIEW] Love is the Drug - Alaya Dawn Johnson

[REVIEW] The Summer Prince - Alaya Dawn Johnson

4 New Covers (Morgan, Peevyhouse, Roux)

[REVIEW] Starfall - Melissa Landers

Now Available for US Pre-Order

6 New Covers (Altebrando, Destefano, Kessler, Khan, Lunetta)


Some people watch soap operas. Apparently, I read about drama in book communities featuring authors that I've never read, and thus have no bias for or against them.

6 New Covers (Abbott, Braithwaite, Lindqvist, Meding, Revis, Richardson)

February 2018 Releases

January 2018 Releases

Now Available for US Pre-Order

7 New Covers (Bodeen, Davis, Held, Plum, Savage, Shepherd, Spotswood)

Names Named

http://www.slj.com/2018/01/industry-news/childrens-publishing-reckons-sexual-harassment-ranks/ READ THE COMMENTS. Names are named. Thanks to the victims and witnesses who've spoken out. I hear you. I believe you. If there's ever trash in your Mentions you'd like Reported to Twitter, contact me anytime. My Block list: http://blocktogether.org/show-blocks/9JySlOI2ADdTfxb9rAX4mc9gvupmPSmMfZ-JGy1t