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25th July 2017 Releases

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Forgot I'd subscribed to an Amazon review's thread. Received a reply alert. I reported it to Amazon as "an ad hominem attack on an Amazon customer reviewer", and when I clicked send I then saw that Amazon had deleted the comment (scroll down to the end: "Deleted by Amazon 1 hour ago").

Trying to find out what her new Big Five book was, I didn't find any under her Initial.Surname name with which she'd self-pubbed two books. However, her profile linked to her personal Facebook, where she complained about the same reviewer here and here.

Turns out that, unsurprisingly, she's a Trmp fan: here and here.

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1st July 2017 Releases

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[SERIES RECOMMENDATION] The Naturals - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

5 New Covers (Armstrong, Arthur, Meyer, Savage)

6th June 2017 Releases

My latest favourite speculative thing up at Speculative Chic

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Sunday Morning Coming Down - Nicci French Cliffhanger ending! But I'm pretty sure there's a Book 8 coming. Just have to wait a year for it :-(