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"I'm so curious what you, dear readers, have to say about this blog post WRITTEN by the bestselling author NORA ROBERTS."

Well, we all know what YOU think - no negativity about you or your books, but you welcome ableist slurs about, insults about, and questioning the sexuality of anyone you don't like, and you also welcome comments from people laughing and joking about rape...

(Also, what's with the capital letters? You couldn't just type 'written' in lowercase?)


Check out the comments: "If you're reading them, you like them. Silly people." Uh, we have to read something in order to find out if we like something or not. And if we continue with a series even though one of the books wasn't to our liking, it's called GIVING THE AUTHOR ANOTHER CHANCE. Authors' storytelling, characterisation, and plotting can often improve over the course of a series, and readers like to reward progress by giving the author another chance to prove their worth. Nothing wrong with that...

Oh, wait. We're supposed to know BEFORE we've read a book if we'll like it or not? I don't have that kind of precognition, but maybe most readers do?

"It's simply all about class, manners, and educational level." Ah, yes - forgot to mention that this author allows classist comments as well.