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Began with the link above, and continued in the comments. You can get more context and conversation here: https://twitter.com/tehawesomersace


In short: WoC finds book has microaggressions. Friends ask what book; she tells them.

White male author does some kind of Twitter search for his book title, and even though he wasn't tagged, he barges in demanding an explanation.


Woman author would've been happy to discuss it privately, but man author chose to go public, and we can't see his Tweets now because he's deleted his account.

This is the second time this week (or fortnight?) that a white author has deleted their social media after reading criticism of racially-insensitive elements in their books.


And you know what's going to happen now - "be nice" demands from privileged authors because their friends have been "chased/bullied off Twitter".


MALE AUTHOR WASN'T TAGGED. He entered a conversation uninvited, and played the victim. He wasn't "bullied" off Twitter. He CHOSE to leave.


I'm usually pretty supportive/understanding when people choose to block people they don't want contacting them, or deleting their own accounts. But the pattern here is becoming evident: White authors don't want to hear that they screwed up their portrayals of PoC characters. They don't want to LISTEN, and learn, and do better. Instead, they're reframing interactions as white authors being "bullied" by "angry" PoC.


And yes, "not all" white authors. I'm talking about specific cases, but they're becoming more frequent.


Male author has a history of "somebody please think about the white men!" behaviour. In the time of A.S.'s sexist comments, male author MANSPLAINED feminism.


Screenshots (via fangirljeanne):



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