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Any fans of M/M romance?

I came across this, which I think is written by a straight woman (but I may be wrong):

"I fell in love with writing from the male perspective. There's a different texture to the language, a different emotional framework and how emotions are dealt with, that for me is simply addictive. And by taking it that next step to working in a male/male romance, now you have a different kind of tension that I've not been able to replicate between a male and female. It's a slightly different kind of storytelling, different hurdles and complications that I found myself dying to explore."

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Is M/M really different from M/F to write, or is the above just following gender stereotypes?

The above passage just seemed a bit odd, but I'm a straight woman, and thus have no expertise or authority to police how women write M/M. So any explanations would be helpful to expand my learning, please. Thank you.