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Publisher sent me a finished copy of a book (rather than an ARC), so I read it, then listed it on eBay. It sold for the opening price: 95 cents (plus postage price). That's under $10 for a new-release HARDCOVER, including postage. Bloody bargain!


I mean, yes, I'm happy that the book sold, because I'm not going to read it again (I never re-read anything), so it's not taking space on my floor, but still... $10!


So yeah, eBay. None of the money goes to the author (it just goes towards postage, in my case), but there are absolute bargains to be had.


But crikey, I was I had more bidders, so it would've sold for more. I may actually be out-of-pocket because of eBay's commission, and postage for a hardcover will be more expensive than a paperback...