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ELJ Ruined Everything

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I may not have been a Twifan, but I still defend SMeyer because at least she made her own fortune without ripping off other writers.


People call her a one-trick pony, but SHE ALSO WROTE THE HOST. Yes, the movie flopped, but the book was still an international bestseller. I read it when it came out, and five-starred it. Would I like it as much if I'd read it now in 2015 instead? Maybe not, but I liked it then. I actually read the Twilight Saga after The Host, and gave them all three stars. But the thing is, even though The Host couldn't possibly live up to the sales of the Twibooks, at least SM wrote something in a different genre with different characters.


I guess that's what bothers me the most when people say that SM's and ELJ's books are just as bad as each other, or whatever. SM at least came up with her own series and own standalone novel. All ELJ has is P2P fanfic.


The article in the link explains that Grey killed any interest in continuing Midnight Sun. Yes, the thing that the fandom most wants, they may not ever get because of P2P fanfic. (Though the article does say SM's written two paragraphs of Midnight Sun recently.)


I don't think ELJ will ever understand how she fucked over the fandom, and fucked over the author. She likely doesn't care. It's a capitalist world, I know. But publishing can be such a terrible business, and consumers likely enable that.


But I won't victim-blame SM for not going after ELJ in court. Even though no copyright-infringement case means that the state of publishing has opened the door for other authors to rip her off, and brought disrepute into the fanfic communities, and disrepute into publishing itself. But if SM believes that not going after ELJ legally was the best thing to do for her personally, it wouldn't be right to victim-blame SM.


I just...really don't like ELJ right now. Okay, every time she comes up in conversation, but especially now.