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Remember that snippet of a review I posted yesterday?

Here's another snippet:


"All my Deaf friends and interpreter friends should pick this one up."

Really? Now that I've finished the book, I'm not sure whether I'd recommend it to them because:


EDIT: Turns out I misread/misremembered the ending, so many apologies for my incorrect ranting earlier.

I still want to discuss the Epilogue, though, so spoilers:

But there is a selfish part of me that hopes those I am close to - specifically Zhang Jing and Li Wei - will be chosen by pixius too. I want them to share this journey of hearing with me, to understand what it's like to have all our senses restored. So far, the rest of the pixius are taking their time in choosing humans - if they ever will. I try not to be impatient, knowing it is a special and honored relationship that not everyone is ready for. --from page 261 (Australian edition).

To put this quote into context, only by a pixiu "bonding" with a human can the person's senses be restored. Even though everyone in the village was born without hearing, and being deaf is the status quo, Fei still doesn't want her sister and fiance to remain deaf.

And though it reads that the bonding is a "special and honored relationship that not everyone is ready for"...I may be misreading the book. There maybe seems to be an insinuation that the privilege of hearing is only for whoever the pixius feel has "earned" their connection and restored sense. That the deaf should WANT to hear. That Fei doesn't want her fiance to spend the rest of his life without sound.

Yes, it is "selfish" of Fei, and I'm glad she acknowledges that. But I'm still concerned that this novel may send mixed messages about deafness: Fei was "open to the connection", so she was able to hear. I also feel uncomfortable that the sense is magically acquired, instead of via science and technology (eg. hearing aids).

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I've read through a few pages of reviews at Goodreads, but none of them mentioned my issue.


Oh well, the book's published very soon, so hopefully reviews will be forthcoming. Would love to read what Deaf people think about the book.