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The US Publisher Switch for Sylvia Day's ONE WITH YOU

When the time in Seattle clicks over to 12AM Tuesday (which nowadays is 7PM Tuesday, my time), I hit up Amazon with my checklist to see if there new things I want up for pre-order, and if cover art is up.

I got both for Sylvia Day's One with You when I checked...technically last night. Same cover art for US and UK, but what really interested me was the listed publisher for the US edition: St. Martin's Griffin. Which is weird, considering that all four of the previous books in the series are published by Penguin.

(Note: The UK edition is still scheduled for Penguin - it's already up on their website. So this post is really just about the US edition.)


I knew the author had signed with Macmillan (higher up in the company than St. Martin's) for a new two-book deal for "Blacklist" books. (Nothing to do with the TV show of the same name.) But Penguin USA had extended the author's contract for the Crossfire series, adding Books 4 and 5. (They'd already contracted the first three in a three-book deal, which is why readers thought Crossfire was a trilogy, and thus didn't understand why there were now five.)


Authors have in the past (and present) switched publishers for books already contracted. Like when Egmont USA folded, some of their not-yet- published titles ended up being contracted with other publishers. And there was this thriller writer a handful of months ago who bought out his contract with one publisher. (Because he didn't like their marketing plan? I can't remember.) And then sold the book to a new publisher. (Well, in all of these cases, including Sylvia Day's, agents sold them.)


Won't lie to you, readers; I'm very curious as to why the switch. Will we ever find out the reason? Probably not, though it would prevent speculation. I don't really know WHY I want to know, since it doesn't affect me personally. (As I said, ONE WITH YOU is still with Penguin in my region.) If you do find out, though, please drop me a line. Thank you.

Relevant links (accessed 2:34AM, Wednesday 18th November 2015):

https://www.publishersmarketplace.com/members/sylday/ - Sylvia Day's next two Crossfire novels, again to Cindy Hwang at Penguin, in a major deal, in an eight-figure deal, and again to Alex Clarke and Tom Weldon at Penguin UK, in a major deal, for seven figures, by Kimberly Whalen at Trident Media Group. (June 2013)

https://www.publishersmarketplace.com/members/sylday/ - 2014: Sylvia Day's BLACKLIST duology of contemporary adult novels, following the passionate and tempestuous relationship between two young lovers challenged by old betrayals and new mistakes, to Jennifer Enderlin and Sally Richardson at St. Martin's, in a major deal, in an eight-figure deal, for publication beginning in 2015, and again to Alex Clarke and Tom Weldon at Penguin UK, in a major deal, in a seven-figure deal, by Kimberly Whalen at Trident Media Group.

http://finance.yahoo.com/news/1-york-times-1-usa-140000212.html - St. Martin's Press, a division of Macmillan, announced today that it will publish #1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day's ONE WITH YOU, the highly anticipated fifth and final novel in the global blockbuster Crossfire® series, on April 5, 2016

One with You (Penguin UK)

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