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Went on a two-Tweet mini-rant

Not only does a certain author have a habit of nagging for reviews on social media (as well as bitching about piracy regularly - yes, I know piracy sucks which is why I DON'T DO IT), but now noticed someone else's book "only" has 18 reviews, and told us to "give her some love" by reviewing. *headdesk*


I commented my mini-rant to her on her Facebook post, but I also subTweeted:


Read 2 excellent books recently, & WANT to review them, but simply don't have the brainpower. Please don't take lack of reviews personally.

So instead of telling readers to "give [authors] some love" by reviewing, please be compassionate if we're not well enough to review.

(It was a Friends-Only post, so I'll respect that by not sharing a link. May name names privately, though - but you'll just have to take my word for it without proof.)