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This Literally Happened


This is the summary rather than the exact quotes, but this is definitely how the conversation came across:


Author 1: Tweets about how hurt and angry she feels.

Author 2 @'s her: What sparked this?

Author 1: Explains.

Author 2 @'s her: Well, it doesn't bother me. My opinion is just as valid as yours.


Author 1 never asked for Author 2's take on it. Author 2 just @'d her disagreement, uninvited. And then had the nerve to say that her opinion is just as valid.


NO ONE SAID HER OPINION WASN'T AS VALID. But by @'ing her disagreement uninvited, what Author 2 did comes across as trying to invalidate Author 1's opinion.


And that's what really upset me. Because if you can't even Tweet your own feelings in your own stream without a supposed friend trying to invalidate your experience...where IS a safe space to vent?

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