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You know the author we've been discussing this week.

Well, she's still a Goodreads member, and she's still got her five-star rating up. No review, though. Her first "review" was an excerpt. (Likely flagged for Spam or Self-Promotional.) Her second "review" overnight was her fauxpology where she blamed everyone for not being as holy as she, or whatever. (Likely flagged for Harassment.)


She's scraped her profile of a bio and photo, and is "no longer accepting questions". Just over 7 hours ago (there's a timestamp), the "review" was scraped of the text, so it's just the typical five-star rating.


Don't know why Goodreads hasn't cancelled her account yet.

Interesting to note on her Answered Questions: "Sullivan Partners sadly refused to send my public apologies to all the blogs on my behalf." Maybe they're washing their hands of her.