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TW: Mental illness discussion, ableism discussion

I may have overreacted to the author-dissing-bloggers thing earlier this week. Reading this Storify today explains why.

"Changing Ableist Media Narratives" https://storify.com/SFdirewolf/changing-ableist-media-narratives (compiled by @SFdirewolf/Alice Wong)

I was diagnosed with major depression in 2004. I don't talk about it much, because I know there are others more marginalised.

Some days are better than others. Some weeks are worse. In a bad spell this week. Sometimes triggers are identifiable; others not.

So when people talked about how unpaid bloggers are privileged and entitled and don't have value, I took it personally.

It was a reminder that as long as I remain without an income, I have no quantifiable value or worth. Not even worthy of respect.

I pride myself on my dry sense of self-deprecating humour, but even that "humour" is fading. I'm struggling.

I know others are having a worse time. I know people probably don't mean to be harmful. Knowing this doesn't make it any better.

So if you have a platform, please be careful of how you use it. That's all I can ask, and you don't even have to grant that. Thanks.