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DNF: Gena Showalter's FIRSTLIFE

About to delete this from Goodreads, because I'm DNFing it. Here are the quotes that convinced me to give up:

Page 27:
Something we're never given? Razors. I keep my legs and underarms smooth with threads I've pulled from old uniforms. I already feel like an animal; there's no reason to resemble one, too.

Oh, fark off with your beauty norms, Tenley. Are we supposed to be grateful to learn that even YA heroines have unwanted body hair, too? Not if she thinks we're animals if we don't keep smooth at all times. *headdesk*

Page 92:
He's a boy--man--without equal.

"How old are you?" I find myself asking.

"Nineteen." When his blue-gold gaze finally finds me, he gives me a once--twice--over and smiles. "For once, I'm glad for my lack of years."

So he can score without being a major creeper? "You're a legal adult."

"And you're not. I know. Opposites attract."

She's 17. The "love interest" is adult & a sleaze. *throws book*

Page 92:
Is the plan to get me drunk? Make me vulnerable to suggestion?

"I'm underage." Eighteen, the legal age for everything nowadays, can't get here fast enough. "If I drink any alcohol, I'll be breaking the law."

"Sorry, lass, but that sounds like a you problem."

So it's wine or nothing. Whatever. I'll sip. I won't let myself get drunk.

Page 106, chapter's end, & I'm quitting. This is shite.