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By now, you may have heard of/read the "Fandom Is Broken" thinkpiece by David Faraci on BirthMoviesDeath. It equates calls for inclusion and anti-bigotry with death threats.
You'd be much better off reading this thinkpiece by Ceilidh at Bibliodaze.com: http://bibliodaze.com/2016/05/from-hydra-to-ghostbusters-the-false-equivalences-of-fan-culture/
Apparently, some privileged creators think criticism and calls for inclusion are "fan entitlement". Funny how they're happy enough to accept all the money and positive word-of-mouth they can get from fans, but as soon as fans raise their voices to point out room for improvement, creators get snappy.
Got angry last night when a mega-popular and NYT-bestselling author shared Faraci's article as an example of why she's keeping silent about the book she's currently writing. And that her fandom is "killing fearless creativity". Even though her most recent book keeps making the bestseller lists week after week.
Death threats are never OK. But if creators think anti-bigotry and calls for inclusion are "killing fearless creativity" and are equivalent with death threats...
It shows who really is "entitled".
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