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Don't Blame the Messenger

Remind me not to compliment authors' covers.
Was on Edelweiss, going through my author list (see Reading Wishlist on my blog) and updating my "Anticipating" list on Edelweiss. I'd heard a book was getting a new cover, but hadn't seen it yet. Saw it on Edelweiss, thought it was gorgeous, and told the author so, including the Edelweiss link so she knew the source.
I don't know what I was expecting; maybe an "I like it too" reply? Instead I received something along the lines of, "Scooped again. I'd hoped to get to reveal it myself."
Um...OK. I get that. But why are you telling the messenger (me) this, instead of your PUBLISHER who UPLOADED it to Edelweiss? I haven't shared the cover or the link anywhere else, just in that comment to the author.
*shrugs* Her problem, not mine.

EDITED TO ADD: She's sharing it now, thanking her publisher for the "gorgeous" cover. Thanking other authors for saying it's "gorgeous". When I said it was "gorgeous" earlier? All I got was what I posted above. *shrugs* I need to stop caring when I don't get thanked for helpful stuff. She's lucky other bloggers didn't see the cover and spread it around the Internet before I alerted her. *sigh*