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Thirst - L.A. Larkin I blame Cassandra Rose Clarke. Ever since I read and thoroughly enjoyed Our Lady of the Ice, and short story White Out, I've wanted more Antarctic fiction. (Jennifer Longo's Up to This Pointe is on my wishlist, by the way.)

And so I stumbled upon Thirst, a standalone novel by British-Australian author L. A. Larkin. Glaciologist Luke Searle is in for the fight of his life when a sinister plot unravels on the ice, with catastrophic results for the entire world unless Luke can stop it.

I don't read many thrillers nowadays, especially ones that put countries against each other. (Think James Bond.) In this case, the baddie is Chinese, and his father - the General - is even more of a baddie. (Circa page 320, there's a flashback to a pre-rape scene, so you may want to skip those few pages.) Wendy Woo is a great heroine, but she's relegated to only the odd chapter here and there.

Corporate greed has the power to destroy the world in this chilling thriller. Larkin keeps the pace up for the entire novel as survival skills are put to the test. Thirst is bloody good.