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New Guard

New Guard - Robert Muchamore New Guard is the final novel in Robert Muchamore's thrilling CHERUB series. It was time. I'd lost some interest, until I perked up again with the introduction of now-regulars Ryan Sharma and Fu Ning. But the Aramov case took three books to solve, so it seemed overly long. As for Lone Wolf, the penultimate, all I remember is the unveiling of the Campus Village at the end. (How can CHERUB afford all that, by the way? And the annual summer sojourn to a private Mediterranean island resort? While some may point out the improbability of underage people being spies, I instead get hung up on money issues. I am strange.)

New Guard is a wonderfully fitting farewell, doing the classic move of pop culture series everywhere: it gets the old gang back together for one last hurrah. Though this time the "Crustys" have some "Currents" with them on a mission to rescue two kidnapped oil well equipment maintenance workers in Syria.

What's great about CHERUB is that it's not all about James Adams. It may have started with his POV, but quickly expanded to include his sister Lauren, his girlfriend Kerry Chang, and more recently characters like Ryan and Ning. Indeed, the strongest characters in the series are the girls. This instalment also includes the awesome Tovah, and the future's looking bright with a new youngster we meet at the end.

As for the boys... Well, in the past James cheated on Kerry. Ryan's still hung up on someone he met on a mission, though he could do better. And while Bruce Norris's choice of girlfriend is otherwise awesome...she's seventeen, and he's about twenty-three.

Though Lauren stars on the front cover, the character with the biggest arc in the book is Kerry. She goes through a lot of tripe and upheaval, but it looks like she'll be OK.