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Goodbye, old friend

Think a self-published acquaintance on Facebook has finally got the message that I've had enough of her defensive, concern-trolling comments EVERY TIME I've complained about authors' shifty spamming/passive-aggressively tactics. Time and time again I've said to agree-to-disagree, but that never stopped her coming back to argue every time I've vented.


I'm sorry that it ended this way. I put up with as much as I could, and I certainly didn't go on her Facebook to debate her every time she said something I didn't like. I Unfollowed her, so nothing she could say there would get to me.


Yeah. I probably shouldn't have snarked, "Hi, Denise," when sharing the link to Jenny Trout's excellent latest "Don't do this ever" post about the "leave a review or I'll starve" graphics that some authors like to post. I included the wink emoticon, but she didn't see the humour. *Shrugs*


Anyway, that's all in the past now, and I have other acquaintances whom I get along with much better. I'm guessing likewise for her regarding me. We're both better off without each other.


Stay awesome, Booklikes people - I'll read your feeds in the morning