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According to the author, it's not up to POC to decide what's racist. Only the perpetrator gets to. And white people. *headdesk*
According to the author, it's not up to POC to decide what's racist. Only the perpetrator gets to. And white people. *headdesk*

So last night things happened when I was on my tablet, so I couldn't screenshot everything.

In short: in an author's closed group on Facebook, she started a thread ("let's discuss" and "thoughts") about how she didn't see what was racist about the altered image of Bolt with Ellen on his back. So what does she do? Instead of researching to find out the history of slave imagery, she and her fans decided it's not racist. There were comments about people "choosing to be offended", and even the author said that "political correctness" (which translates to "treating people with respect" in my language) has gone "OTT". But because the thread was deleted before I could screenshot them, and they weren't in my email, I have no evidence.


And in case you don't see what's racist about the altered image? Beforehand, I saw this Tweet, so by the time the Facebook thread came along, I already understood what was wrong. Yes, Ellen didn't mean to enact slave-owner imagery, but POC were still harmed by it. I didn't even need to RESEARCH the history - I just follow smart people on Twitter who RT helpful things.


The screenshot above shows the author's opening post, my comments, some other people's comments, and the author's closing comment. Apparently only the perpetrator gets to decide what's racist. *eyeroll* *headdesk*

Went online today to find a new post by the author:


"Hey there - not trying to cause a debate in here, so I deleted my post about the Ellen incident. Everyone has an opinion, and a valuable one at that, so I wouldn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable here. My opinions on race have been heavily detailed in all my books and the way I carry my life. So <3 and positivity. That tends to be the best response anyway."


I'm not familiar with the Southern way of speaking, but I know "bless your heart" means "up yours", so now I'm wondering what "<3 and positivity" means. Probably exactly what it says. But that she deleted the thread only when someone (me) spoke up to disagree, and say it's not up to us white people to decide what's racist and what's not...


Respect to her for openly announcing the deletion, instead of pretending the post never happened. Just too bad that she and her fans ended up showing their disdain for "political correctness" - aka treating people with respect.

(Oh, and if you're anti-PC, keep your thoughts on your own blogs and social media and not on mine. Thank you.)