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I stupidly thought that since I have no credit card attached to my Amazon, there would have been no charges to my account.

I had about $80 on my gift card balance before the hacking, and placed an order with about $50 including postage.

Then I was hacked. My order was cancelled, and the hacker instead used about the same amount of money on an order for themselves. The item they bought has apparently already "shipped" to them, so I don't think Amazon will give me my $50 back. Amazon says the hacking had nothing to do with them, and might be my computer (why I haven't got on the PC again since, and am sticking with my laptop and tablet).

Amazon Associates is the only way I can afford to buy books. I wait until my balance gets to $50, then I shop (because international postage eats up about half the money). I'd waited until now, and as soon as my account got over $50, I placed an order - 3 books, and 1 bath/shower gel.

And then this happened.

I've contacted Amazon, but since the hacker's item has shipped, I'm pretty sure they won't restore my gift card balance.

I know - it's just money; I should get over it. But it's still a downer, and now I'm worried about the security of the computer.