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WARNING: Links to suicide jokes

WARNING: These links lead to an author's jokes about suicide. Not just the one he did today to promote his new book cover. 2 years ago, he made a "Top 10 list of literary suicides ranked by emo-ness". Includes a real-life author.

He also has a history of racism, sexism, and religionism (if that's a word). But time and time again, people have given him a pass because they like his books, or they don't understand what the problem is - even when people explain it to them.

Fark, he even toured Australia this year, because apparently his publisher and fans didn't bother to research his extensive history of shitty behaviour.

This is the dick they chose to support:

https://twitter.com/justinaireland/status/781879577467621376 (Today)
http://archive.is/LDVtP (2 years ago)