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Update on THE CONTINENT Discussions

Remember the other day when I mentioned an upcoming YA spec-fic called out for racist portrayals? Things have gone downhill since then.
The author (KD) posted a public response, claiming her creation was not inspired by Native Americans or Japanese. Instead, she referenced something from Lord of the Rings...which turns out to be a racist portrayal itself. (I know nothing about LOTR, so I can't explain. I've linked the author's response - and critics' responses - on my Twitter feed. I RT'd a lot.)
The author reported that she received a message encouraging suicide. A critic was sent a death threat on Tumblr.
Discussions have happened, people have made racist comments, white people have called for calm and peace (which is passive-aggressive because it basically tells marginalised people to shut up, and "listen to", "understand", and "accept" their oppression)...
The author (JI) who Tweeted spoilers as examples of the racist portrayals has been targeted. Someone anonymously contacted her editor (for her 2018 novel) to dob on her. (Joke's on them - JI's editor publicly supported his author.)
Someone else rushed to Amazon to post 1-star reviews on JI's two novels. Only the "reviews" consisted of, "She's racist - check her Twitter." (JI is biracial.) The reviews were posted by "Meg", the same person who engaged JI and other critics in lengthy conversation earlier.
When addressed, Meg claimed her Amazon was "hacked", and blamed one of THE CONTINENT'S critics (who is a black woman).
Oh, and KD's husband is confronting people who criticised the book or criticised KD's response.
(TIP: If your loved one is facing online criticism, the best thing you can do is help them through it privately, instead of defending them online and confronting their critics.)
And that's a basic overview of what happened in the past 24 hours on Twitter.