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I'm playing the waiting game, and getting frustrated.

So on the day it was revealed that the book's full of racism and white supremacy, I went to Goodreads. And checked out who'd added the book to their wishlist or to-read shelf.

Beth "author of an upcoming Star Wars novel" Revis added it to her to-read shelf on the SAME DAY (November 3rd) that word of the book's racism spread on Twitter.

Took me at least 24 hours to get up the courage to ask her why she added it to her to-read shelf at that particular time. If she'd added it to her to-read shelf months ago, I wouldn't have cared so much.

It is November 7th, and Beth hasn't replied to my comment yet. I phrased that comment as politely as I could, trying to give her the benefit of the doubt - "Maybe this is terrible timing, and you didn't know about the discussions".

She's been online since then, multiple times (mainly instagram). To my knowledge she hasn't RT'd any threads about the racism.

I want to believe she has good intentions, but now I'm thinking maybe she's avoiding answering my comment or supporting people speaking out against the book's racism. I know she's been on Twitter this week, because she was quick to share Adam Silvera's thread about being a gay author doing school visits. And she was quick to address someone who shared a screenshot of a poorly-timed pre-scheduled Tweet from Lauren DeStefano.

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to tell someone.