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Author Sara Gruen & Her Price-Gouging on Children's Toys

EDITED TO ADD: This Tweet from Gruen: "Can't start a GoFundMe page if funds are going toward someone accused of criminal activity."

Found some info on the latest on Sara Gruen, the New York Times bestselling author who spent $$,$$$ on Hatchimals to upsell at a profit. The profits to go to the legal defence fund of a man Gruen claims was "wrongfully" convicted.
His name is Charles Franklin Murdoch, Jr. He wrote to Gruen from prison, and mentioned his grandparents were circus performers, around the time Gruen's novel WATER FOR ELEPHANTS is set. Turns out, Gruen had based one of her characters on one of Murdoch's grandmothers.
So that's Gruen's personal connection to the case, and could explain her bias.
Murdoch was convicted of murder. A bar was robbed in 1983 - a bystander was shot and killed, and another was stabbed and severely wounded.
"According to Dinardo, when Murdoch entered the bar, Murdoch carried a .22 caliber rifle and announced loudly, “Don't nobody move. This is a stick-up.” Dinardo took this as his cue to empty the cash register. He fumbled with the buttons on the register, heard a gunshot, emptied the register, and ran out the back door, joining the other two men in the getaway car, with Murdoch joining them about a minute later. He recalled seeing Murdoch in possession of the rifle both in the bar and in the car."
Don't feel too sorry for Gruen, though. She's made a $30-per-sale profit with her price-gouging, and doesn't understand why people are calling her out on her price-gouging because she's doing it for a "good cause", or whatever. Type her name into Twitter.
http://saragruen.com/SaraGruenStatement.pdf (Sara Gruen's statement - PDF)
http://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-9th-circuit/1527951.html (US Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit - Murdoch v Castro)