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Fake Allies

If you're shocked that Whedon is not as good an ally as you thought he was, there are more names in SF/F we could tell you. But generally communities don't want to know that their precious isn't as awesome to everyone as they are to their community. Because a guy can be awesome in the SF/F community, but mistreat women in the romance community when they try to advise him on how he could be a better ally to women.
But everyone time people have tried to speak out about the fake allyship, it's the guy who gets supported and defended. Instead of the people who had the courage to speak out, and were stomped on for their efforts.
And every time you hear people defend, support, and praise the fake ally, it never stops hurting that the SF/F community doesn't want to know, and definitely doesn't want to believe that their precious isn't 100% perfect in his behaviour towards the people he's supposedly an "ally" to.
So yeah, thinking a lot about fake allies today. For quite some time Whedon's fake allyship has been known, but it's only today that someone "important enough" spoke up that people actually decided to believe.
As for the name I'm not speaking here...the romance community knows, but the SF/F community doesn't want to hear.