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(NOTE: If you feel the need to defend or make excuses for the guy or claim I'm being too hard on him, please post that in your own space and not in mine. Thank you.)

SFF Author Guy QTs a teen girl to target her for he and his Followers to "joke" about: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DheRdubVAAA4dT7.jpg

Initially Tweeted here, since deleted: https://twitter.com/MykeCole/status/1015234928911503360

After being rightfully called out for the context of his misogyny (he thinks ladies should want to murder people; not dream about shoes and romance and holidays? how about ladies decide for themselves, and men not tell them what they should dream about?) by many people, he apologises: https://twitter.com/MykeCole/status/1015469138087763968

In the comments, people give him "thanks" and "respect", and tell him he's being "gracious". *headdesk*

I Tweeted a Thread: https://twitter.com/TezMillerOz/status/1015533745644847104


Links to when SFF Author Guy was called out for misogyny in February:

Note that the second link specifically mentions that he "belittles younger women"

He also apologised in February: https://twitter.com/MykeCole/status/963993594045648897

And in the comments, he was thanked and complimented.

And guess what he did this time in July? Belittle a younger woman. And was thanked and complimented for his apology.

So between February and July, HE HASN'T LEARNED A DAMN THING.

Though if he has learned anything, it's that you can display your misogyny as many times as you want, as long as you apologise after each time. And there'll be people who'll have forgiven and/or forgotten his misdeeds, and so will thank and compliment him every time.

You display your misogyny once; you learn from it. You display your misogyny twice; it's now no longer a "mistake" but a PATTERN. Because you're not learning. You're re-offending, and continuing your cycle of misogyny-apologise-be thanked-be complimented-misogyny repeats.

I wouldn't be as angry about this if people didn't thank and compliment him, including people I respected.

I believe the anons in the SLJ comments who spoke out about his misogyny and belittling of younger women. I especially believe it because he did it again in July, months since his big apology and donation.

I really don't like the SFF community sometimes. This is one of those times.