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https://www.facebook.com/MJRCircle/posts/537578289674274 Please fine me every time I go to read my Goodreads reviews. Please.

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=537888222976614 Oh joy! Got alerted to this today- its from some woman's blog who got my book free off Netgalley -which means she knew she was downloading a "soul mate" book. But she took it anyway. And now she's going to eviscerate me. And she's letting us all know in advance!!!!!! So tell me, if you hate scrambled eggs, why order them? Even if they are made by Julia Child, you will still hate those scrambled eggs.

I'm willing to give books a chance. Maybe I don't like, say..."fated to be together" stories, but maybe that's because I've only read the bad ones, and have yet to find the one that works for me. Is it wrong for readers to give books a chance, instead of ignoring them completely? DON'T YOU WANT PEOPLE TO READ AND SPREAD WORD ABOUT YOUR BOOK? Or do you only want "the right people" read and spread word about your book?

WTF is up with authors bitching about readers this week?!