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13th February 2017 Releases

5 New Covers (Armstrong, Ashby, Cross, Reisz, Tims)

What's my favourite romance in spec fic?

Find out at Speculative Chic.

Review: Kristen Simmons's METALTOWN

7th February 2017 Releases

Speculative Chic: My Favourite Things

I share my first read of 2017.

31st January 2017 Releases

I'm Back! :-)

Been trying to get a major project done, so haven't read Booklikes in about two weeks. (I've only ducked in to post, respond to @'s, then run off.)
Anyway, the project's done, so I'm back now. Anything important I missed on here in the past two weeks? Let me know.
Good to see y'all again :-)

February 2017 Releases

Random trivia: 3 books have "Broken" in the title. 2 books have characters named Liv.

Now Available for US Pre-Order

25th January 2017 Releases

24th January 2017 Releases

5 New Covers (Caine, Gray, Heathfield, Terrill)

New covers up.

On another note, I'm working on a big book-culling project (investigating every book on my TBR list and wishlist to check that I still want to read them), and so have cut down on my daily Internet activities to get this done. Meaning that I haven't been keeping up with Facebook, LiveJournal, Booklikes, or Twitter. I'm still contactable, and please let me know if I miss anything important, because I have Fear Of Missing Out ;-)

So if you feel like I'm ignoring you, I probably am, but it's not personal ;-)

Thank you for your patience!

17th January 2017 Releases

7 New Covers (Fortune, Howrey, Revis, Roux, Shepherd, Walker)

10th January 2017 Releases