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January 2018 Releases

Now Available for US Pre-Order

7 New Covers (Bodeen, Davis, Held, Plum, Savage, Shepherd, Spotswood)

Names Named

http://www.slj.com/2018/01/industry-news/childrens-publishing-reckons-sexual-harassment-ranks/ READ THE COMMENTS. Names are named. Thanks to the victims and witnesses who've spoken out. I hear you. I believe you. If there's ever trash in your Mentions you'd like Reported to Twitter, contact me anytime. My Block list: http://blocktogether.org/show-blocks/9JySlOI2ADdTfxb9rAX4mc9gvupmPSmMfZ-JGy1t

[REVIEW] Infected - Sophie Littlefield

Amazon Reviewer Rankings

Decided to look up my Reviewer Rankings on the various Amazons:

Amazon Australia: #325
Amazon Canada: #31,289
Amazon UK: #55,351
Amazon USA: #236,949

There really is no benefit to posting reviews on bookseller sites. At least, not for us mere reviewers ;-)

4 New Covers (Andrews, Gray, Vincent)

[REVIEW] Three Strikes - Kate Kessler

[REVIEW] Emma in the Night - Wendy Walker

December 2017 Releases

Am calling this an "express" edition, because it doesn't include covers or summaries. (Ran out of time.)

Now Available for US Pre-Order

Happy Indulgence: The Importance of the Book Blogging Community

Book bloggers mostly work for free, but are priceless. They share book announcements, covers, pre-order links, release lists, reviews, and word-of-mouth. It's their honesty that makes them trusted, and well worth supporting. Thank you, Jeann.

7 New Covers (Acosta, Andrews, Armstrong, Gray, Tremblay)

Yes, one author has three new covers - I promise you, I can count ;-)

Missing screenshots, and the author's threats have been deleted

Finally Booklikes works.

And just in time to alert you. On Twitter, word was spreading of an author threatening "legal action" over a 2-star review on Goodreads.


I managed to find the review, but the author's threats have been deleted. (And I haven't seen screenshots.) But I'm pretty sure this is the author.

The review itself is harmless, so I don't know why the author's getting so upset.

5 New Covers (McGee, Preston, Roux, Vincent, Weber)

28th November 2017 Releases

Sorry for my lateness!